365 days a year, in and out of the water, we have you covered with your dock maintenance, landscaping and snow removal needs

Free Estimate

We’re here for your lakefront maintenance and landscaping needs!

Conveniently located in Excelsior, Minnesota we travel to your location to provide a free consultation and estimate. We let you know exactly what the project will cost and how long it’s going to take, with no surprises or hidden costs. Take a look at our before and after pictures to gain a perspective on the product our services produce and what you can expect from the Clear Shores quality standard.

Dock Installation and Removal

Whether it’s installation or removal, Clear Shores has you covered with your water walkway needs. Give us a call for a free quote today and we’ll get you on the schedule within hours. Our dependable, price conscious and results driven team is dedicated to providing you with the best possible dock experience so you can maximize the fun at your property!

 Fall and Spring Yard Maintenance

Leaves, sticks and other natural materials hide the true beauty of your outdoor landscape. Give us a call to help prepare your yard for the winter and summer extremes

Mulch Installation

Winter leaves dead mulch and dull landscapes. Give us a call for a free estimate and revive your property with fresh mulch of the color you desire. We make mulch fast and easy, leaving you with a pristine property in less than a week!

Beach Maintenance

The 4 seasons and their extremes can have a huge impact on your beachfront area. From weekly beach clean-ups, to beach sanding, weeding and much more, Clear Shores is focused on clearing and maintaining your spotless shoreline through the entirety of its usage. Weekly and one-time programs ensure that your beachfront will stay in good condition throughout the summer and give you more time for beachfront fun!

Zebra Muscle Removal

Unfortunately, these invasive mollusks have found their way into our lakes and waterways. Currently the only solution is physical extraction of the mollusks from boats, docks, and other hard surfaces in the lake. Clear Shores LLC can help eliminate this invasive species from your property and on surfaces covered by this sharp-shelled species.

Contact us for more detailed information on these services or a free inspection and estimate.

Snow Removal

Minnesota winters are less than ideal with heavy snowfalls and frigid temperatures. Let us handle all of your snow removal and outdoor winter maintenance throughout the winter season. Located in the Southwest Minneapolis metropolitan area, we can efficiently plow your property within hours of snowfall. Give us a call for a free snow removal quote today and we’ll make sure your driveways and sidewalks are clear until spring comes!

Lost Item Search

Our SCUBA certified team is focused on helping you find your submerged lost item in a quick and easy manner. Searching for the item as soon as possible after losing it is key to the recovery of the item, allowing for a smaller search area and variability, increasing the recovery percentage.

General Labor

Any other projects you may have, we’re willing to give you a quote and assess if we have the capability of completing the job. Give us a call and save time not working on landscaping and other miscellaneous property management projects.