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Enjoy your lakefront weed and worry free

Our lake weed removal process starts with our PADI scuba certified dive crews swimming to the lake-bottom and hand picking all lake-weeds within the designated area by the root, providing chemical free and environmentally friendly lake weed extraction. After the lake weeds are removed, they are hauled to the trailer with wheelbarrows and dumped at The Mulch Shop, in  where they can be used for a number of recyclable purposes such as mulch and fertilizer.

Our process ensures that you able to enjoy your weed-free property immediately after we leave, and after each pull, returning weed growth and density will decrease over time.

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Clear Shores Quality Standard

Clear Shores is dedicated to providing the best possible lake weed removal service in the most timely manner possible. The Clear Shores Quality Standard guarantees that you, as our valued customer, are 100% satisfied with the work we have completed. Although we attempt to produce our absolute best work on the first visit, if we happen to miss a desired pull location or not complete the job to your desired quality, free callbacks are expected and welcomed. We want to ensure you get the most out of your investment in our brand and we’re honored to call you a Clear Shores client.


Our Process

  1. As soon as you reach out to Clear Shores, a FREE consultation time and location is established.
  2. A Clear Shores representative meets with you at your property to discuss and run through the desired work completed.
  3. Our representative leaves your property with valuable insight on how best to formulate a comprehensive quote that is tailored to meet your exact needs, and return it to you within 48 hours. 
  4. Upon approval of our quote, dates for completion will be discussed and laid out moving forward.
  5. After the crews arrive at your property and park our truck/trailer in a convenient location, all necessary gear to complete the pull will be wheeled down to the waterfront in wheelbarrows
  6. Crew members will assemble their SCUBA gear and begin the dive, pulling all weeds in the designated area by the root, improving the quality of the immediate results and limiting future weed density
  7. Once the weeds are extracted from the ground, employees will hoist them up onto the dock or on land where they are hauled in wheelbarrows back to the trailer. 
  8. After the crews remove all attached and floating weeds in the quoted area, the dock and workspace is cleaned with a broom and is left in a better condition than we found it.
  9. The extracted weeds are brought to The Mulch Store (Mound, MN) where they are recycled and turned into mulch or used as a fertilizer, making your investment in our brand sustainable.

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